Anyone can make My Minute Movies, and in fact, everyone should.  Chances are you already have the essential tools: a digital camera and a computer.  Both probably came with free software.  Try it.  Tell a story today.

                                    The idea here is to roll the television wheel, not to (re)invent it. 

Point, record, plug, edit, and burn.  It’s that simple.  But, it is also much more.  During the process, you begin to understand both the effects and affects of visual storytelling.  How do shot composition, camera movement, lighting, and audio combine to create compelling and engaging content?  What is gained (and lost) through editing?  How do special effects lie?  You will quickly begin to understand many important concepts of visual (mise-en-scene) communication.  Record your world and enjoy!

...I did... these are a few examples from hundreds of my beginning experimentations (2003-4) with digital moving images.  Most every video in here is made only with simple tools: a Macintosh, iMovie, and a digital camera.


For three generations, media has communicated to us in one-way, broadcast monologue.  Now with home cameras and computers we have the potential to master these languages.  We can manipulate personal and existing media to make new kinds of vocabularies for constructing our own visual stories.  Full participation in an image filled world depends upon this kind of reciprocal proficiency and response.

Volumes of communication can happen in just one minute.  That’s the essence of My Minute Movies.  No expensive hardware or high-end Star Wars special effects necessary.  These are simple, pure, and easy.  Make your own handmade movies.  Sixty seconds is all you need. 

Learn to make media - by learning its language and technique.  Short-form videos are excellent tools for critically studying mass media, communication theory, creative writing, and video technique.


An American

resident of Canada, experimenting with new forms of critical media ethnography in Cultural Farming.

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